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A warm Shenzhen welcome to our non-Chinese-speaking customers.
You are passionate about classic IBM laptops?
You have come to the right place.
Since 5th October 2017 we have been celebrating the announcement of Lenovo's 25th Anniversary ThinkPad. It's the official retro laptop.
It has some great features: lowish weight, a 7th gen processor, hot-swappable batteries.
However it cannot satisfy everyone
You prefer a 4:3 aspect ratio screen? So do we.
You want a sub-A4 footprint and a keyboard which goes to the edge of the palm rest? We understand.
You only need a trackpoint, and hate trackpads? Yep.
You like a high-density SSD (1TB, maybe 2TB). You can fit one.
You'd take 32GB of RAM? No problem either.


The Specification

Processor: Intel Core i5-8250u/i7-8550u(ES)
Graphics adapter: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Memory: support DDR4 All
Display: support 12 inch 16:10 WXGA/WSXGA+/WUXGA
Mainboard: Intel Sunrise Point-LP
Storage: support 1 2.5 inch SATA SSD/HDD + 1 NVMe M.2 SSD + 1 mSATA SSD
Networking: support 802.11 abcgn WALN/Gb LAN/4G LTE WWAN/56K Mdem
Connections:USB 3.0 x 2, miniDP,VGA,nanoSIM, 3.5 mm audio
Size: height x width x depth (in mm): 35.5 x 268.7 x 212 (1.4 x 10.58 x 8.35 in)
Operating System: support Linux and Windows 10
Additional features: 6 Months Warranty


The Specification

Processor: Intel Core i5-7300HQ/i7-7700HQ or i7-7820HQ(ES)
Graphics adapter: Intel HD Graphics 630
Memory: DDR4 all, up to 64GB
Display: support XGA/SXGA+/UXGA/QXGA 4:3
Mainboard: CM236
Storage: support M.2 Nvme/2.5 inch SATA3
Networking: a MiniPCI port WLAN module
Connections: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, miniDP, VGA, SD Card reader, 3.5 mm audio, RJ-45 LAN
Operating System: support Linux and Windows 10
Additional features: 1 year warranty, including a new modified fan from T500


The Specification

Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U (ES)
Graphics adapter: Intel HD Graphics 5500
Memory: support DDR3 or DDR3-L(1600MHz), up to 32GB
Display: 12.1 inch 4:3 XGA or SXGA+
Mainboard: Intel Broadwell-U PCH-LP
Storage: support 2.5 inch SATA 3 and mSATA
Soundcard: Intel Broadwell PCH-LP
Networking: a MiniPCI port WLAN module
Connections: USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, miniDP, miniHDMI, SD Card reader, 3.5 mm audio, RJ-45 LAN
Size:35.5 x 268.7 x 212 nm (1.4 x 10.58 x 8.35 in)
Operating System: support Linux and Microsoft Windows
Additional features: 6 Months Warranty
Weight: (full laptop)1.2 kg (42.33 oz / 2.65 pounds)

About X210 Motherboadr

Powered by Intel i5-8250u/i7-8550u

The X210 is a custom-built motherboard for the ThinkPad X200/s and X201/s sub-notebook. It is designed and commissioned by the administrator of's ThinkPad Community forum, known as "HOPE". The X210 motherboard started selling in November 2017 and the second batch is available.

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About T70 Motherboard

Powered by Intel Core i7-7700HQ

The T70 motherboard is a third-party custom-made upgrade to Lenovo's beloved T60 or T60p (both 14 & 15 inch version) and T61 or T61p notebook. Fitted with a 7th generation Intel quad-core chipset and supporting the rare 4:3 HD IPS displays up to QXGA , the T70 motherboard brings the high standards of its ThinkPad heritage into the modern age.

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About X62 Motherboadr

Powered by Intel i5-5200u

The X62 is a custom-built motherboard for the ThinkPad X60/X60s/X61/X61s sub-notebook.The X62 motherboard lets you keep the sub-A4 footprint, edge-to-edge design, IBM-grade touch, and tall screen which has never been beaten for document work. It also gives you connectivity and sockets, and preserves the easy access into the military-grade shell, for the upgrades and replacements which DIYers love.

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Links to our on-line shop and extensive Chinese user Forum

Follow the forum here on our Chinese website by using Google Translate.
Do not be surprised by the enthusiasm. There is a big domestic following in China.
Of course, don't be sad if you're not in China, here are another way for you to make dreams come true. A partner of us named Jacky Zhang ( id: zhangyongtao in 51nb forum ) is doing the overseas business for those who want to buy our motherboard.



For X60/X61

  • i5-5200u CPU
  • 12.1 inch 4:3
  • DDR3 or DDR3L Memory
  • 2.5 SATA and mSATA Storage
Out of Stock



For X200/X201

  • i5-8250u CPU
  • 12 inch 16:10 WXGA/WSXGA+/WUXGA Screen
  • DDR4 ALL Memory
  • 2.5 SATA and miniPCIe Storage
About IT



For T60/T61

  • i7-7700HQ CPU
  • 14.1 inch 4:3 XGA/SXGA+/UXGA/QXGA Screen
  • DDR4 All Memory
  • 2.5 SATA and M.2 Storage
Out of Stock

Disclaimer and About Us

  • “Our site does not sell the full laptop! There is no such ThinkPad as a so called "X62"/"T70" or "X210". We just build and sell simple motherboards. Anyone selling a full laptop does so at their own risk and without any warranty, encouragement or endorsement from Such business behaviour has nothing to do with this site.”

    — 51nb

  • “You know a great design when you see it. In China we do too. Even if some of us were hardly born in the IBM ThinkPad era, those machines are becoming cult items over here. Just look at the passion on our user forum.
    You dream of putting new systems into classic shapes. We did something about it.
    Let's keep the flame of classic ThinkPads alive !”

    — HOPE

  • “The X62 is a love letter to the days of classic ThinkPads, ThinkLights, and 4:3 displays. The DIY-nature of the kit, plus the near necessity of an LED backlight upgrade, mean it is also a laptop mostly for hobbyists and those comfortable with tinkering instead of the average user.”


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We have successfully sold numbers of X62 and T70 motherboards to all over the world with the help of our friend, Jonide, and we are willing to offer any of you with this magic product.
As for payment, due to the extremely high poundage and some inevitable fee, PAYPAL is not welcome. So please use other payment like Western Union or bank transfer. It's not easy for us to delivery product to abroad, and hard for you to finish the cross-border transaction, either. We will ship the motherboard to your hands in a best and fast way so as to make sure that you will receive the motherboard sound and intact. Thank you for your understanding and support.
Here is the contact information:
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Tel : +86 18603051110

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